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Flex Folder ExamplesOur flexible folders are manufactured using an assortment of card and latex infused coverstocks. They offer some unique advantages over our deluxe folder line including being less expensive and a lighter alternative for mailings, resulting in reduced postage costs.

We offer three different point (thickness) coverstocks each with different features.

  • 12 point(80#) card coverstock with numerous embossings and colors.
  • 17 point coverstock with an outside gloss and spanish embossing. This coverstock is more rigid than the 12 point coverstock.
  • 30 point paper infused with latex, surfaced with an acrylic coating providing a glossy appearance, and kid embossing. This is the most durable and flexible of our coverstocks.

Our customer service team will be happy to send you coverstock swatches for your review.

As with all of our products, each folder is custom designed around the size and orientation of your insert. Our customer service department will help guide you through various options available, including coverstock, panel material, and ribbon style, as well as a wide array of color choices for each. We are able to custom design almost any folder to meet your specifications.

In order to educate you on some of our other materials, styles, and industry terminology, we have provided the following:

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