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Most customers want to stamp their logo, activity, organization, etc. upon the folder. The most common foil colors are shades of gold and silver; however, almost any color is available. Some customers prefer a combination of colors or even no color; called a blind stamp.

Be as creative as you like with your art, however, take into consideration the following stamping issues:

  • Mixing wide surface areas with thin or small text makes it difficult to achieve a quality stamp. If this has to be done, in order to insure quality, two passes with two dies may be required otherwise these areas will fill with foil.
  • Wide surface areas require a large amount of pressure from our press and are more difficult to stamp over the deeper embossed samala and levant papers usually resulting with small gaps in the stamping. In these cases, we suggest using a chevo (kid) embossed paper to avoid the problem.
  • Regardless of the art, a die is made from a camera ready black on white. Our customer service team may be able to prepare text only art for you, but unique art must be provided to us in black on white format.
  • Each color usually requires a separate pass through our press. Therefore, a separate die is required for each color and camera ready art must be provided for each die.
  • Shading or gray-tone will not show well in the stamping process. Dies made trying to emulate this effect usually result in a low quality stamp.
  • If stamping on a flex folder, be careful that the stamping location does not come to close to the crease area. Doing so will require a second pass through the press.

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